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    Master Clinician Certification in Integrative Osteopathy (M.CCIO)


    Have you ever asked the question what does it take to be a Master?

     What are the skills and abilities I need —to take me to the next level?

     How can I grow my practice with the skills and abilities of a Master Clinician?

    Are you ready?

    If you said yes to any of these questions than this is your time. 

    You are ready for the next step. 

    The Total Immersion

    Masters Certification In Integrative Osteopathy.

    This is an advanced practice course designed to expand the clinical skills of the manual Osteopathy with emphasis on anatomy, palpation, and the effective treatment methodologies that will bring results. 

    Gain the expertise, knowledge, and wisdom to create health for your patients, and learn the keys, abilities, skills, and habits of the Master Clinician. 

            With the global pandemic spreading don’t let your down time go to waist —- take this once in a lifetime opportunity to greatly expand your skill set by enrolling in the Total Immersion Masters Certification In Integrative Osteopathy

    Expand your patient base, become an expert in your field, and be known as a Master Clinician-the one that achieves result other only dream of.

    This program is presented by the Toronto Academy of Osteopathy and the Childrens Hope Center (San Diego, CA) and Sponsored by AutismOne. 
    Teaching Institution:
    The Childrens Hope Center ( San Diego, CA) ,  Dr. Shawn Centers DO, FACOP, BCIM, BCIP   Professor of Pediatrics and Osteopathic Medicine
    Dr. Centers has over 30 years of experience in the field of Osteopathy and Integrative Medicine.
    He was the last Physician to work alongside Dr. Viola Frymann and was her Clinic Director for over 15 years
    He is a board certified clinician with dozens of years working with the most challenging cases
    Dr Centers was a direct student of Viola M Frymann who was in turn a direct student of William G Sutherland who in turn was a direct student of Andrew Taylor Still, MD.
     This Program is Sponsored by AutismOne Association
    AutismOne is one of the largest providers of Integrative Medical Education in world. It is one of the largest integrative Medical Networks in the US sponsoring numerous medical education conferences for over 20 years. As program sponsor, course participants will have access to the vast video archives of AutismOne with over 10 years of lecture from the top Integrative Physicians and healthcare practitioners in the world.
    For more info visit www.osteoed.com