File A Complaint

How do I file a complaint?
To file a complaint, please provide as much information as possible to assist in the successful resolution of your complaint. Our email is [email protected]

What details should I put in the complaint?

  • Dates of client-patient relationship: list the date the client-patient relationship began and the date that it ended.
  • Dates of incidents: list each date on which the incident occurred.
  • Details of Complaint: describe your complaint, including the reasons for your complaint.  Specify dates, places, times, and any other information you feel is important.  It is okay if you do not have specifics but please give as much information as you can.  It is helpful if you can note how you are able to recall the date or day of the week.  Please identify any witnesses or observers to the incident described. If possible, include the name, address and phone number of each witness or observer. You may attach more pages if necessary.  Please number and initial all pages of your complaint in the lower right hand corner.
  • Your contact information.

Our complaints process:

When we have received a complaint, our board will carefully study your complaint and may contact you if we need further information.

In such a case that we are not able to deal with your complaint, we will contact you and tell you why. Examples of such cases are:

  • Allegations that do not amount to a breach of professional standards,
  • Allegations that are not relevant to the scope of practice of the osteopath,
  • Allegations without sufficient evidence to support

During investigation, we will send the alleged member the details of your complaint and ask for a response. We might also contact other people that are relevant to the complaint for further information.

Then our investigating committee will review all the information that has been collected and decide whether all the information collected supports your complaint and whether the allegations would amount to any of the following:

1. Unacceptable professional conduct

2. Professional incompetence

3. A criminal conviction in the province of Ontario that is relevant to the work of the osteopath

4. A medical condition that seriously affects the osteopath’s ability to practise

If the committee finds that there is a case to answer, we will arrange disciplinary or legal action(s) against the member. However, if the complaint does not indicate any of the above, there is no case to answer and the investigation will stop and we will tell you why the committee made this decision.

If you have any questions about filing your complaint, please call: 416-567-5282