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    On February 14, 2024 Arizona Day (the birthday of Arizona) the Arizona Senate -Committee on Health passed Senate Bill 1163 which would allow mid-level practitioners(physiotherapy therapists, acupuncturists, Doctor of Optometry, advanced practice nurses, to apply for licensure in the state of Arizona as Doctors of Integrated  Medicine. This would allow them to practice integrated and homeopathic medicine as well as neuromuscular integration. Neuromuscular integration" means musculoskeletal therapy that uses any combination of manual methods, physical agents and physical medicine procedures and devices to improve physiological function by normalizing body structure, a term which would include manipulation done by a manual osteopath.
    In response to this and in anticipation of a potential license pathway of appropriately trained Canadian Manual practitioners, we announce a collaborative effort with The Hope Center of Arizona, Toronto Academy of Osteopathy/The Arizona Academy of Integrative Osteopathy, which will present the Doctor of Integrated Medicine which will be accredited by OFOP.
    The Doctor of Integrative Medicine program offered by the Toronto Academy of Osteopathy/ Arizona Academy of Integrative Osteopathy is specifically designed for manual osteopaths aiming to expand their medical expertise. This comprehensive program integrates diverse modalities of alternative medicine with conventional medical practices, enhancing practitioners' abilities to treat holistically. Upon completion, graduates receive a Doctor of Integrative Medicine degree, recognized within the state of Arizona, equipping them with advanced knowledge and skills in integrative health care.
    Dr. Shawn Centers MD(H), DO(H) Program Director
    Prof. Jacob Brainis M.CIO, BSc(Med)